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Captain America embodies the heroic values we all look up to. These Captain America gifts do a great job of capturing the heroic vibe, making them perfect for the Marvel fan in your life. We carry a large selection of items, including apparel, collectibles, and toys, all of which are adorned with the superhero’s iconic symbol.
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Grand Heritage  Captain America Adult Costume
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Captain America Girls Costume
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Marvel Captain America Suit Up Crew Socks
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Captain America Logo Snap Back Blue Hat
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Marvel Saga Captain America Navy Adult T-Shirt
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POP Marvel Marvel Mech Captain America Figure-1
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Funko POP Marvel What If The Hydra Stomper 6
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Vinyl SODA Marvel Captain America
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Avenger Icons Plastic Clip Pet Collar
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Adult Captain America Qualux Costume
Sale - 42%
Captain America Shield Doormat
Out of Stock
Toddler-Captain America Costume
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Funko Pop Pins Captain America
Products 1 - 44 of 44

"Who's strong and brave, here to save the American Way?
Who vows to fight like a man for what's right night and day?"

The answer to that would the Star Spangled Man with a plan, otherwise known as Captain America. This hero started out as the meek Steve Rogers and was brought to his superhero size with Dr. Erskine's super-soldier formula. Cap started out beating baddies during World War Two and then spent time under the ice. Once thawed out this hero went right back to saving the day along with his brand new Avengers buddies.

The real question is which Captain America is really your favorite? The origin tale is pretty much the same whether you're interested in the Marvel Comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though there are definitely a few stylistic differences between the two characters. Of course, the obvious one is that the MCU introduces Chris Evans as the hunky hero who varies between his young and nearly boyish looks in The First Avenger to his bearded and rugged self during the seeming Civil War of the superpowered heroes during the times of registration. 

This moment was actually a much bigger deal in the comics, involving mutants and basically everyone in the Marvel Universe! But, don't worry, in both comics and the cinematic series, our favorite Captain America was there to make sure that folks had the ability to be free and pursue the goals that they each had individually. (You might have thought that the virtual boy scout that sought to defend the laws and stability of the United States might have been on the side of the government when it came to registration, but this guy knows that justice goes beyond some laws, especially when they're based in fear and persecution!) Captain America probably could have gotten by with ease thanks to his long years of serving the country, but going the easy way was never the Captain's way of doing things. 

You can celebrate this awesome character in all of his iconic forms with some of our Captain America Gifts. We've got everything! Feel like some action figures so you can reenact some of the iconic scenes from page and screen? Well, just choose your favorite look and go for it. A few of them even have active features so you can fire off the Captain's shield against the baddies! Want to get more involved in the process? Well, why not grab some of our costume accessories, like the Captain America shield or even a set of Nerf blasters so you can feel like you're going head to head with Red Skull, the aliens summoned up by Loki, or even the Mad Titan, Thanos himself. 

Of course, not everything is about going on the adventure of a lifetime. You can enjoy channeling the fun of Captain America from the comfort of your own home with a variety of Captain America themed office supplies, household items, and even some comfy blankets. (Who wouldn't want the luxury of being snuggled up by this gentle warrior!?)