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Avatar: The Last Airbender Merch

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The Gaang is back! With our selection of Avatar: The Last Airbender Gifts, you can find all of your favorite characters from the Nickelodeon series. There's really something for any kind of fan, whether that means an Avatar t-shirt or a set of exclusive dishware. You can also find Avatar apparel and even some collectible figures to help bolster any collection.
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Adult Avatar Aang Foil Tee
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Mens Avatar Elements 2 Pack Boxer Briefs
Clearance  - 73%
Men's 2 Pack Zuko + Avatar Boxer Briefs
Clearance  - 73%
Child Legend of Korra Mako Costume
Sale - 71%
Clearance  - 67%
Avatar Natural Forces Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Mens Avatar State Aang T-Shirt
Clearance Exclusive
Clearance  - 73%
Avatar the Last Airbender Appa Pose Plastic Clip Collar
Sale - 36%
Clearance  - 67%
POP Animation Avatar Admiral Zhao
Sale - 50%
Funko POP Animation Avatar Fire Lord Ozai
Clearance  - 33%
POP Animation Avatar Suki
Out of Stock
Pop! Animation: Avatar- Sokka
Out of Stock
Avatar Aang 7.5 Inch Plush
POP Animation Avatar Ty Lee
Products 1 - 53 of 53

All it took was a single episode and we were hooked. Although, we have to admit, when the intro began and Kitara starting giving us the gist of the Avatar world... we didn't know what to expect. After all, Nickelodeon had mostly done wacky comedy Nicktoons like Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob then. How would they do with a deeper show, with complex characters and sprawling storylines? Well, to quite frank, they did an amazing job. To this day, Avatar: The Last Airbender happens to be one of the top-rated television series of all time, and it totally deserves it. Of course, the show first started back in 2005 (whew, does that make us feel old?) and plenty of fans are still obsessed, just like us! That's why we've put together a great collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender gifts! We have something for every kind of Avatar fan out there!

So then, what sort of amazing items can you find here? For starters, we have some exclusive swag that you can't find anywhere else! Our Avatar the Last Airbender merch includes some Aang-inspired shoes, along with some apparel based on ol' Twinkle Toes. We also carry a variety of hats, socks, and plenty more things that the Avatar fan in your life will love.

What about collectibles? Forget about it! Our Avatar merchandise includes some officially licensed, collectible figures that are great gifts for friends (or for yourself). From Funko Avatar Pop figures to some higher quality collectibles, we have a little bit of everything. And we even have some dishware. Yep! We have some beautifully crafted bowls and mugs that are inspired by the various nations from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Finally, we have to show Korra some love. The sequel series, The Legend of Korra, may have stirred up some more clashing conversation, but the show definitely tackled new themes and really carved it's own place within the Avatar universe! That's why we also carry some Legend of Korra gifts and merchandise. If you have a Korra fan, then just give one of our Korra collectibles a try!

That's the bottom line! If you love Avatar: The Last Airbender or if you're a big fan of The Legend of Korra, then you'll definitely want to check out our line of gifts inspired by the Nickelodeon series. And be sure to check back! Our selection of Avatar merch is ever-changing, so you never know what sort of new treasures will show up around here!