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Are you looking for Lilo and Stitch gift ideas? Whether surprising a superfan or treating yourself to a bit of cute and fluffy fun, our selection is here to help! Bring the beloved blue alien experiment home with Stitch plush. Cuddle up in Lilo and Stitch costumes or apparel to make any family movie night special. Or spread the love all around the home with Lilo and Stitch figures or décor that are sure to please!
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Deluxe Adult Lilo Costume
Sale - 22%
Adult's Stitch Leaf AOP Bucket Hat
Clearance  - 50%
Stitch x San Francisco Q-Fig Max Elite
Sale - 20%
Stitch Light
Up to 22 % off – See low price in cart
Danielle Nicole Stitch Guitar Backpack
Sale - 30%
Lilo & Stitch Tropical Fun Tapestry Throw
Clearance  - 50%
Stitch Face Peek a Boo Embroidered Dad Cap
Clearance  - 80%
POP Disney Stitch Vinyl Figure-Update
Sale - 17%
Danielle Nicole Stitch Guitar Crossbody Bag
Clearance  - 33%
Disney Stitch Ita Mini Backpack
Sale - 43%
Lilo and Stitch Plastic Clip Pet Collar
Sale - 13%
Lilo & Stitch Cat Collar Breakaway
Sale - 23%
Sale - 13%
Sitting Stitch Squeaker Plush Dog Toy
Sale - 13%
Lilo and Stitch Leaves Dress Fanny Pack
Clearance  - 50%
Ohana Means Family Stitch and Scrump Poses Dog Leash
Clearance  - 41%
Stitch Gray Dad Hat-update1
Sale - 23%
Clearance  - 47%
Stitch Handstand Cookie Jar
Coming Soon
POP! Disney Stitch Keychain-Update
Out of Stock
Stitch Angel Crossbody Bag
Out of Stock
Adult Stitch Sweatshirt
Out of Stock
Stitch & Angel Mug
Out of Stock
Mystery Minis Lilo Stitch
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 60 of 69

In 2002 Experiment 626 crash-landed on Earth, and his impact hasn't stopped reverberating. To this day, original fans can't get enough, and new fans are endeared to the character at the first meeting. Maybe it has something to do with the wild mix of chaos and cute that the character is built with. Perhaps it's his story and Lilo's part in taming the alien experiment. It could be a bit of everything that keeps fans coming back for more. But whatever it is, we're here to help satisfy those cravings for more Lilo and Stitch fun!

How? With our ever-growing selection of Lilo and Stitch gifts, of course! Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking to surprise a superfan in your life, the following guide will inspire lots of Lilo & Stitch gift ideas! So, continue reading to see a bit about everything we have to offer!

We have great news! That wish you've always had about having your very own Experiment 626 will come true! All you need to do is pick something from our Stitch gifts! Now, we're sure you're excited. So, looking through our selection of over 100 items might seem daunting. Never fear! We'd be happy to break it down into smaller bites. Starting with Lilo and Stitch Funko POP! The ever-popular little figures with big heads and tiny bodies feel like a perfect representation of the well-loved Disney characters. Choose a Stitch POP that depicts the rascal at his calmest. Or maybe a Stitch Funko POP that somehow makes him cuter than you ever could have imagined!

Maybe you want some Lilo and Stitch home décor that stands out a little louder than those always charming Funko POP Stitch figures. We suggest trying a Stitch statue or Stitch figurine! Our available statuary promise to remind you of your favorite movie, capturing moments from the film in stunning detail even when you can't tune in. Though, a Stitch cookie jar may do the very same while also offering you a sweet treat! And what could be better than that? How about a Stitch coffee mug that'll surely have you feeling as energetic as Stitch himself!

But wait! There's more! From Lilo & Stitch toys to collectibles and décor, we head into our costume and apparel selection! Here you can create adorable group looks with a Stitch costume paired with an Angel costume or Lilo costume. Perhaps you'll discover Lilo and Stitch accessories to complete your Lilo costume DIY. Or you'll likely see a too-cute-for-words everyday accessory featuring your favorite experiment and bring that home, knowing it'll go perfect with your Lilo Disney bound.

Didn't find exactly what you wanted? Check back again to see what new and exciting items we add! Because as long as the charismatic critter continues to excite fans, we'll continue to offer Stitch collectibles, Lilo toys, and Stitch or Lilo costumes adults won't be able to resist!