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Blankets & Throws

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What do you think of when you hear the words "movie night"? Does that make you want to grab a bowl of popcorn? What about some sweatpants or slippers? Inevitably, if you're like us, you'll also be reaching for your favorite fleece blanket. There's nothing quite like snuggling up with a plush blanket, especially if it has your favorite movie characters. Shop our selection of plush blankets and you'll be extra prepared for your next movie night!
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Fantastic Beasts New Adult Comfy Throw
Sale - 20%
60" Photo Realistic Cat Face Blanket
Sale - 25%
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adult Comfy Throw
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Toy Story Woody Adult Comfy Throw
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Toy Story 90s Kid Super Soft Throw
Sale - 15%
Captain Marvel Higher 40" x 60" Super Soft Throw
Sale - 20%
Denver Broncos Split Wide Fleece Throw
Sale - 13%
Sale - 20%
Sale - 14%
Chicago Cubs MLB Strength Fleece Throw
Sale - 33%
Super Mario Bros Throw Coming Soon
Products 1 - 60 of 90

Are there any words in the English language more wonderful than, "comfy throw?" We can't think of anything. When you hear the words comfy throw you might just picture yourself laying back on a chilly Sunday afternoon cozying up by the fire on your lounge chair while watching your favorite movie. And in this fantasy what is covering you with a caramel smooth layer of warm fuzziness? That's right... a plush blanket! You can find one right here at and we can guarantee you're going to love kicking back, napping, and otherwise snuggling up with the comfiest throw blanket that ever threw.