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Peter Parker has got the whole nerd thing down. He's a little TOO into science class, girls usually try to avoid him and sports really aren't his thing. If only everyone knew that he was the guy webslinging through the streets of New York in the Spider-Man suit to keep them all safe from costumed weirdos with superpowers, then maybe he'd get a little more respect. Then again, maybe not. J. Jonah Jameson can't wait to print a slander story about old Spidey...

But, hey. We know that Peter's really a good guy and you probably have someone in your life who knows how awesome Spidey is. That's why we carry everything awesome based on the superhero, so you can give the gift of Spider-Man, and spread the word. Shop from our collection of Spiderman gifts for Spiderman toys, wallets, waterbottles, plushies, bedding and even action figures; when you give the gift of Spider-Man, you're giving a gift that keeps on giving.