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My Hero Academia All Might Character Hoodie
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My Hero Academia 5 Pack Ankle Socks-0
Clearance  - 47%
My Hero Academia Striped Sweater
Sale - 80%
Pop! Animation: My Hero Academia- Tsuyu
Sale - 17%
Clearance  - 35%
My Hero Academia Chibis All Over Print Sleep Pants
Clearance  - 50%
My Hero Academia Mens All Might Long Sleeve Shirt
Sale - 67%
My Hero Academia All Might Mens Costume T Shirt
Clearance  - 85%
My Hero Academia 3 Pair Crew Socks
Sale - 48%
POP Animation: My Hero Academia- Eri
Sale - 17%
My Hero Academia Chibi AOP Backpack
Clearance  - 63%
Sale - 35%
My Hero Academia Bakugo Cosplay Tee
Clearance  - 60%
Adult My Hero Academia Deku Cosplay T-Shirt
Clearance  - 60%
Loungefly Pop Pin My Hero Academia Bakugo
Sale - 40%
My Hero Academia Deku Pom Beanie
Clearance  - 53%
Loungefly Funko Pop My Hero Academia Coin Bag
Clearance  - 34%
My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Hat
Clearance  - 41%
Products 1 - 60 of 147

My Hero Academia Gifts

My Hero Academia Ideas

Being a fan of anime is no longer considered a quirk. But for fans of My Hero Academia they may wish it were! In the futuristic world of the popular manga turned anime, 80% of the population has a Quirk. Instead of that being a zany thing, it leads many to become professional superheroes. Now, while we don't have a superpower that'll make that happen, we do have other means to help anime fans celebrate their favorite series and characters! Whether you're shopping for the My Hero fan in your life or yourself, our selection of anime gifts has you covered! Give your home décor a powerful makeover—pun intended—or show off how important All Might, Deku, and the whole UA squad is to you!

My Hero Academia Toys

My Hero Academia Figures

A world populated by superheroes and villains easily lends itself to play. And can you possibly think of any better way to play than with cool toys? Okay, maybe dressing up in costumes would work. But besides that, our selection of My Hero Academia toys is sure to bring the fun to everyone! Surprise your kid or partner with officially licensed My Hero Academia toys for all ages. Gather your own special operations team and embark on a game night that may just save the world—or at least re-ignite your love for board games. Or help your closest friend collect all the Quirk-y Deku figurines that have ever existed. Whether you're an educated fan or a novice to the My Hero universe, we're here to help you decide which gift is best!

My Hero Academia Clothing

My Hero Academia Sweatshirt

To be quite honest, My Hero Academia might be one of the most expressive anime. Each character has a unique sense of style in both their casual wardrobe and with their hero suit. In fact, even their school uniforms are in on the mix. From classroom lessons to school festivals, a hint of each personality shines with neckties left loose, shirts perfectly tucked, and jackets unbuttoned. And whether you're a super fan or just know one, that's a message everyone can get behind. So add some of that My Hero spirit to your wardrobe with clothing and accessories from our collection! With options from hoodies to loungewear, there’s an option for all the fans on your list.

My Hero Academia Shirt

My Hero Academia Tee

If you want to appear cool and casual, you can’t go wrong with a graphic t-shirt. Even if you’re having a total fan freak-out because you’re standing in the line to meet the English voice actor of All Might, a simple tee is a great way to go. Capturing the dark and hopeful tone of your favorite anime, these t-shirts are must-have closet additions. So, show off your love for every aspect of the story with its title stamped proudly across your chest! You won’t look like you’re trying too hard to impress, even though you’re probably practicing your All Might impersonation inside your head. Plus, when you shop our selection of My Hero Academia clothing, you may earn an admiring smile from the actors that bring My Hero to life!

My Hero Academia Sweater

My Hero Academia Hoodie

A sweater is always a good choice. Whether an ugly holiday sweater or cosplay sweatshirt, sweaters are the versatile clothing item that all wardrobes need. Impress your friends, and yourself, with a collection of My Hero Academia sweaters for every occasion! Okay, appropriateness may be debatable, but we argue that any piece can work for any event with the right accessories! It's one of our quirks, and it can be yours too when you shop with us! Show your love for the heroes or UA High with unique options available here. We're sure with even just one of the officially licensed pieces, you'll feel as charged up as Deku at a mere 5% cowling!

My Hero Academia Socks

My Hero Academia Apparel

Okay, if you really can't bring yourself to rock a My Hero Academia sweater at your sister's wedding, maybe a pair of socks would work. Besides, the wedding party is probably hiding some unique pairs under their dresses or suits too. No matter the occasion, a pair of fun socks is the easy way to represent your fandoms without being showy. And we have plenty of options to get your sock collection started. Whether you're dressing head to toe in My Hero threads or just looking for the appropriate option for walking in Deku's shoes while at work, we've got you covered. Keep your favorite characters around wherever you go and never worry about catching cold feet when you add any of our available socks to your wardrobe.

My Hero Academia Hat

My Hero Academia Cap

Are you one of the lucky few that looks amazing in hats? Any hat? In any style? With any outfit? Then we've got the selection of hats for you! If you're after something to pair with your My Hero Academia wardrobe, we've got you covered as well. Sure, All Might may not have the space on his head to wear one of our flashy All Might caps. But since you probably don't have the same golden ears that adorn his hero suit, you definitely can! Shop our selection of My Hero clothing accessories to find the hats that would even make Deku alter his hero suit. Then you'll be ready to step into any room with the same "I am here" confidence that All Might is known for!

My Hero Academia Merchandise

My Hero Academia Merch

You and your equally obsessed friends can’t get enough of the series, can you? Then it’s time to check out everything our My Hero Academia collection has to offer! Find the final piece you need to transform your unique home décor into something straight out of an issue of Shonen Jump. Prepare for any trip with accessories that show off your love for My Hero. Or wow the mega-anime fan in your life with the My Hero collectible they may have overlooked. With our selection, you'll find everything from keychains to beach towels to make gift-giving your Ultimate Move!

My Hero Academia Backpack

My Hero Academia School Bag

Love the idea of attending UA High? Even if you've graduated and are walking into an office instead, our selection of My Hero backpacks will have you feeling like you earned that UA acceptance! Show your love for the whole 1-A class with all-over print options. Gear up for a hero assignment with cosplay backpacks inspired by your favorite characters. Or get ready for class with a UA bag that would look perfect with a formal school uniform. No matter where you're heading, these bags have your back. Just don't forget to add a lunchbox in case you need to fuel up throughout your day.

My Hero Academia Keychain

My Hero Academia Funko Keychain

Do you already have your bag situation squared away? Just in need of a small token to show your support for those quirky heroes? Grab a flashy little something from our keychain selection! Even with a pint-sized hero on duty, you know a few things are being accomplished. Your fancy new wallet is well guarded. You won't be able to mistake or misplace your keyring with anyone else. And everyone will get a glimpse into the exciting franchises you love! So, whether you want to let Deku hang out on your school bag or have All Might lead the way while dangling with your car keys, we have what you're looking for!

My Hero Academia Blanket

My Hero Academia Throw

Is it time for another marathon viewing of My Hero Academia? Perhaps you just received the next tankobon volume in the series? Don't just pull up a spot on the couch. Get snuggled in with your favorite characters with a My Hero Academia blanket. With one of our available throws, you can wrap yourself up in the series whether you're dreaming in bed or spending a leisurely Sunday in front of the tv. Whether you're reading everything about class 1-A or watching one too many episodes of the anime—and maybe the movies—these blankets literally have you covered!

My Hero Academia Accessories

My Hero Academia Merch

Still not entirely sure what My Hero Academia gift is best? Give all the mundane accessories in life a facelift by adding a themed version to your collection! Grab an umbrella to keep you dry or a matching towel in case you missed the weather report. Mix up all areas of the daily grind with unique household items for you and yours. Whether your home is an eclectic display of every pop culture franchise you love, or it needs that dash of joy, we're here to bring the fun! So, explore all we have to offer from My Hero Academia and any obsession you, your kids, partners, or friends simply adore!

My Hero Academia Q&A

My Hero Academia Q&A

Are you shopping for a loved one but not entirely sure why "anything My Hero Academia-themed" is what they'd love to receive? Or are you a new fan looking to clue in before you gush to a friend about the single episode you watched? Either way, the following questions and answers are here to help! Learn a little about My Hero Academia's history and what it's all about. Then, whether you're giving a vinyl figure for Christmas or grabbing a character-inspired hoodie for your closet, you'll have a few sound bites to share about your gift!

What Is My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, a comic magazine. In 2015, the manga's popularity led to the creation of an anime adaptation that brings the stories to life on television. My Hero Academia has also had movies made and a spinoff series known as My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

What Is My Hero Academia About?

Centered around Izuku Midoriya and his classmates, My Hero Academia is equal parts superhero story and coming-of-age narrative. As Midoriya and his friends learn to control their power (a.k.a. Quirks) and become pro heroes, ideologies of those with and without power shape the world around them.

What Year Does My Hero Academia Take Place?

No official year is given in the manga or anime series. Fan speculation assumes the stories are happening in a not too distant future. The world looks familiar, but technology and the existence of Quirks suggest that stories are not unfolding in the present.

Who Made My Hero Academia?

Kohei Horikoshi is the writer of the manga series. The anime series was adapted by Toho and Bone in 2015. Funimation gained exclusive international rights to the anime series in 2016.

When Did My Hero Academia Come Out?

The first chapter of the My Hero Academia manga debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump on July 7, 2014. The Japanese-voiced anime first aired on April 3, 2016. It wasn't until May 5, 2018 that the English dubbed My Hero Academia anime was aired.

How Many Seasons of My Hero Academia Are There?

My Hero Academia is an ongoing series with 4 fully released seasons as of June 28, 2018. Fans eagerly await additional seasons, with a 5th announced for debut in the spring of 2021.