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Vinyl Scary Freddy Krueger MaskVinyl Scary Freddy Krueger MaskVinyl Scary Freddy Krueger Mask
Vinyl Scary Freddy Krueger Mask
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Item #RU4167
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  • Adult Vinyl Mask

You know those moments where you are walking around and there’s just something not right about the world?  Perhaps the sky seems to have a different color than you feel is right or there is a vague sense that you’re missing something or that you’ve arrived at a place that you never actually walked to.  It is in those moments that we realize that we might be in a dream and we reach to pinch ourselves or will ourselves to wake up.  Doesn’t always work, but we still try.

Then there are the others.  Those of us who don’t try to leave the dream.  Instead, we try to control it.  Master our dreams.  And, once we do that, it’s hard not to try to master the dreams of others.  Now, while that’s maybe a bit of a devious thing to do, it’s nothing to worry about so long as you haven’t also been burned alive and turned into an angry spirit who seeks to slay an entire town of folks!  If that’s the case, you’ll be needing this Vinyl Scary Freddy Krueger Mask so those you ‘visit’ know they better start singing the song, because, One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you! 

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