Doctor Strange Gifts

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Being the Sorcerer Supreme comes with some pretty nice perks. Using the Eye of Agaotto to create a time loop to confuse enemies seems useful and that Cloak of Levitation seems like a pretty handy way to get to work (think of how much money you could save on gas and subway tickets). Astral projection seems like a great way to play some practical jokes around the office... that's actually what disqualifies us from ever taking on the title of Sorcerer Supreme. We'd probably just use the infinite powers of the universe for selfish reasons, unlike the good-natured Dr. Strange. That's okay though! We still support Dr. Strange with this collection of swag.

Our Dr. Strange gifts pay homage to the Marvel magic user. Whether you'd like a sweet new t-shirt to kick your wardrobe into full superhero style, or if you just need a cute POP vinyl to place near your computer, we've got you covered with figures in the likeness of Karl Mordo and The Ancient One. We even has Marvel Legends series figures that you can add to your collection! If you're a fan, then you won't want to miss out on any one of our great items from the movie.