Aladdin Gifts

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Disney has a rich history of telling stories that resonate with kids and adults alike, and we could argue until the cows come home about which one is the best. You have to admit that Aladdin ranks pretty high up there though! The animated film really has everything! From a princess, longing to discover the world outside of her own castle, to a young street-wise kid with nothing to his name, there's plenty for everyone to love. Of course, we decided to bring together some extra cool swag form the movie, so you can help up celebrate the timeless Disney classic!

If you, or someone in your life, loves Aladdin as much as we do, then you're going to dig our selection of Aladdin themed gifts! From Princess Jasmine and Genie costumes, to a whole plethora of apparel and figures, we carry something that any Aladdin fan would be glad to have as part of their world. (yeah, we know... song lyrics from a different Disney movie, but just roll with it).