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Banana Adults Costume

Product Description


We know what you're thinking: "Oh man, this costume is hilarious! It's so simple and funny, this is going to be such an easy costume!". But, we are here to tell you this is not the case. This costume, while on the surface it's funny, is actually incredibly dangerous. This costume should be worn with extreme caution. You are wondering how this costume is dangerous? Allow us to explain. 

Bananas are a food source, yes? And what animals love bananas? Monkeys, yes, very good. So now, you are dressed up as a massive version of a monkeys favorite food. You are pretty much a massive meal on legs. You might be thinking "I won't be near any monkeys when wearing this costume." But, how far away is far enough? With a lot of zoos in major cities across America, we figure that you are never more than 300 miles away from a monkey at any given time. We did not check this fact. But still, is it far enough? Is it worth the risk?


You'll be wearing one of our funniest and most dangerous costumes! The banana suit is made of foam and pulls over the head, with a hole in the front to look out and armholes on the side. It has black on either end, just like a real banana! It's realistic. Almost too realistic, considering a monkey won't be able to tell the difference between you and a tasty treat. 


When you go out in your banana costume, promise us you will be on high alert. Promise us you will be safe and keep your eyes peeled for any monkeys. Even if you see a person in a gorilla suit, run. Unless you can be positive that there isn't a monkey in that gorilla suit, you can't be positive you are safe. 

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Items Included
  • Lightweight Banana Costume
Product Highlights
  • 100% polyfoam
  • Opening at arms, legs, & face
Size Chart
Standard Chest 48" 122cm
Standard Waist 44" 112cm
Standard Length 56" 142cm
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