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Frozen Gifts

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Perpetual winter isn't so bad as long as you have buds like Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf by your side. Kristoff is useful for all navigational advice, Anna is great for her quick wit, and Olaf... well, Olaf is very entertaining overall. We're sure that you have amazing friends like the Frozen crew and you want to treat them like the princes and princesses that they are. Show up to your best friend's birthday party ready to bestow a fabulous Frozen gift upon them. The Olaf Plush Backpack is fun yet practical. Your friend can use it for school every day. The Frozen POP Vinyl Figures make great inexpensive gifts, plus you can have fun collecting all the characters. Whether you decide to give an Elsa doll or an Anna tiara, your pal will love a Frozen themed present. Chances are she'll never want to 'let it go!'