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X-Ray Skeleton Costume High Heels

Product Description

Feel It In Your Bones

In today's age, when you're a 4th-century mummy, a reanimated corpse, or some other questionably corporeal undead, you have a lot to consider and not much brain power to do it. Questions surely plague your thoughts, like what an "iPhone" is, or how to blend in with such dirty clothing, or what really matches with that slowly fading white! Some might consider going without shoes entirely, but that's not practical in most climates. You would be chilled to the bones!

FUN Details

So, here is where the X-Ray Skeleton High Heels come to save your many, many days. Printed with each of your flawless bone structure, these black faux leather pumps are sure to keep your bones in perfect condition for the rest of your unlife. And, the textured bottom will even keep you from clattering to the ground and spreading those bones everywhere. Salvation from undead embarrassment is a treasure!

Go Ahead, Take Your Time

You have a whole eternity to take care of those 26 bones in your feet, so just do it. It's not like you can skimp a while with them so exposed! Here's a good start: these X-Ray Skeleton High Heels. Slip in and show off what you still got after so many years under ground!

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Items Included
  • Skeleton high heels
Product Highlights
  • All synthetic materials
  • Printed white bones on top & sides of black faux leather pumps
  • Textured anti-slip sole & 4" heel
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