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Wizard Ron Weasley Wand
Wizard Ron Weasley Wand
Product Description
Item #RU9701
Items Included
  • Ron Weasley Wand
Product Highlights
  • Officially licensed
  • 13" in length
  • Brown wand, accented in black
  • Wood-like appearance

When getting caught up in the story of Harry Potter do you ever feel for Ron? He gets no respect! In a wizarding world full of brave witches and wizards he's a pretty normal guy, more like us. We can feel for his everyday fears (spiders and getting in trouble with his mother) and his imperfections (jealousy and judgment). All his flaws make Ron's amazing accomplishments more memorable. This normal guy stood up to a school bully, faced giant spiders with Harry, and destroyed Voldemort Horcrux, just to name a few memorable victories.
When you are best friends with "the boy who lived" and the smartest witch in school it's hard to stand out in your clique. It's not all bad, with all the chaos going on, your ambitious friends need you to keep them in line. Without you, they'd be stealing ingredients from the potion Professor's cabinet and downing Polyjuice potion every Thursday evening. While you would prefer to stay out of trouble your friend's tendencies can sometimes press you into a pickle. Like that time Malfoy called Hermione a mud blood and you tried to curse him, you might have ended up feeling sluggish but your heart was in the right place!
If you need a little more Ron in your life, you just might need his wand. With a wand made of ash wood and unicorn tail, you'll be ready to stand with your friends. With what's in store for you, you'll be happy with this wand with its hefty, natural feel. Hey, you might not go looking for trouble but you'll certainly be ready if "you know who" comes on the scene.

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