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Adult Black Cat KigurumiAdult Black Cat Kigurumi
Adult Black Cat Kigurumi
Product Description
Item #SZ2638
Items Included
  • Hooded Jumpsuit
Product Highlights
  • Adult Black Cat Kigurumi
  • Soft 100% polyester fleece fabric
  • Buttons at center front
  • Side seam pockets
  • Rib knit wrist & ankle cuffs
  • Soft-sculpted & appliqued face on top of hood
  • Stuffed tail sewn to back of suit
StandardChestup to 50"up to 127cm
StandardJumpsuit Length54"137cm

Do you ever wish that you could be as cool as your cat? Whiskers can sometimes seem like he has superpowers. Like when he's napping and all the sudden he jumps up and starts springing off walls for no reason. Yes, if your kitty was a superhero he'd be a rather unhinged one but that doesn't make him any less super. Not only could your cat bounce around an alley to confuse a bad guy but he could squeeze through small spaces in order to get away. And because of his super stealth qualities, he'd be able to sneak right back without any trouble. 

You might not be able to spring up from a nap or squeeze through tiny spaces like Whiskers but with this costume, you can gain some of his swagger. You can easily wear it around the house and match your pet as you two compete for napping in that premium patch of sunlight. You could also wear it to a costume party, no one is going to know what to expect from you. Are they going to get a sleepy kitty or are they going to find someone springing around with wide eyes in a classic kitty freak out session? Maybe you'll show those revelers a little bit of both your sides!

This oversized suit is perfect for napping and walking around on a chilly October night. It buttons up the front so you can wear another layer of clothing under it. The hood has big, cute green eyes, a sculpted nose and mouth, and pink ears. You'll feel more feline than ever before with the tail in the back. Side pockets are sure to add a lot to your catlike sauntering. We don't want to jump the gun but you just might be as cool as your cat now, watch out Whiskers!


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